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Deva Triathlon – our mission
Our mission is to provide a best value event of the highest quality that focuses on the needs of the athletes at all levels whilst being sustainable and providing financial support to the local community and the club

We have a number of aims that try to help us achieve this:

  • Encourage grass root participation in the sport making triathlon accessible to as many as possible
  • Focus on the needs of the competitors
  • Provide a revenue source that enables the Club to progress with development of activities and events for members
  • Provide the City of Chester with a major sporting event that attracts people into the area and demonstrate what club/ volunteer based events can achieve
  • Support local business and people where possible and prudent

As our event is totally organised by volunteers we are able to provide fantastic value, coupled with this we have tried to remove all the things that annoy us when we enter other events, this means when you enter the Deva Triathlon we will do the following:

  • Ensure all our marshals are from the club and other local clubs, they care about the race and will try to do their best for the athletes taking part
  • Allow you to swap your number with a friend up until 10 days before the event at no cost
  • Have a generous refund policy which means you don’t lose everything if you get injured and can’t race
  • Have a quality goody bag for all entrants, Quality technical T shirts, Silicone Swim Hats and lots of other useful items without too much advertising and junk
  • Have plenty of water and nutrition available during and after the race
  • Provide professional photos from our race at the cheapest prices you’ll ever see at an event : £1 per digital image
  • Have extended registration & transition opening times on the day to be convenient for athletes
  • Ensure the course and transition is fair for everyone.

If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our race please contact us at