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Duathlon route

5km run - 15km bike - 5km run

Our Duathlon route was used for our old Winter Championships, but can still be used as a great training practice route.

5km run route

Start from sandy lane car park and run towards Huntington. When you get to the garage on your left hand side, turn left onto Gorse Way.

Run past Sainsbury’s to the roundabout where you turn left onto the Whitchurch road

When you get to sandy lane turn left and head to the carpark for transition.

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15km bike route

From the car park, head towards Aldford but as the road sweeps sharply right over the river, you should go left just before it onto Chapel Lane. This left can be hazardous so slow right down and be careful of loose stones.

Follow this road all the way to Saighton hill where at the top you turn left onto Sandy lane.

At the end of the road you go past the old army barracks and come to a T junction by the Rake & Pikel pub. Turn right and head back to the car park and the transition back to the run.

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