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Strategy & Development Plan

As part of our ongoing commitments to the club, this is our development plan that outlines our aims for the club and where we will be focusing our activities. It is also available to download here.
Please take a look and forward any comments to the Club Captain:

Previous development plans can be viewed and downloaded from the links at the bottom of this page.


Manage Club Governance by Management Committee Comply to the objectives set out in Club Constitution & Club Policies Maintain connections with Sports Recreational Alliance & Review of club policies and procedures by year end
Foster Succession for continuity Identify suitable candidates for management & event roles

All junior coaches & junior volunteers to hold valid DBS certificate

Observe and support


Monitor and action if/when required

Development of Club Governance Achieve TriMark Club Accreditation – Silver Review and define deliverables to meet Silver status over next 24 months
Provide Management Committee members with relevant and important club info Development of Club Operating procedure Ascertain relevant info and develop by year end and continue

Review January 2020

Finance & Administration

To have stable & transparent finances to allow club to operate Club Funds to remain stable year on year and identify risk areas Monitor income and outgoings
Ensure club has sufficient savings to cover one year operational costs Review club finances prior to AGM
 Ensure administration is up to date Affiliations /Club/Star Marks/UK Cycling
Contact details BTF/Club websites
Look at long term ambitions for the club to aim for Establish Finance subcommittee to scope feasibility of future club activities Plan and review
Align club account with TriMark Silver requirements Complete Audit of all club accounts Engage with independent auditor and complete within 24 months

Review January 2020

Club Membership

To encourage the retention of members Greater than 70% of members renew Cater for all abilities S/B/R
Encourage potential members to join club Explore various avenues to welcome new members
Encourage team spirit within members and increase the PR of the Club Increase participation in Club Championships

Participation in National Club


Encourage team entries

Encourage members to wear club kit

Social Events

End of Season Party & Awards

Publicise & promote Summer & Winter League / Club Championships

Encourage people to join BTF

Benefits for Members Discounts for Members at local stores

Reduced rate at BTF

Promote on Website & explore new options at local gyms
Encourage new and senior member participation at social events Social events to be well attended Advertise and Welcome
Improve kit options to members Long sleeve tri kit Review designs and deliver

Review January 2020


Ensure coaches are suitably trained & qualified Further training / qualification where requested / necessary BTF 1 & 2 course dates / identify potential new coaches.
Club to fund relevant training. Provide relevant courses e.g. First Aid & Risk Assessors.
Recognise the efforts of our coaching team Monitor and provide support. Regular communication encourage feedback
Ensure there are sufficient numbers of coaches in junior & senior sections & consider mixing coaches Coaches & succession plan for both sections Coach Co-Ordinator to monitor.

Encourage members & parents to undertake coach training (if required).

Recruit coaches to replace any leaving

Ensure Club meets BTF Criteria for DBS Checks All coaches to have DBS checks All personnel to have completed their DBS Checks by year end
Develop skill sets for club coaches Ensure the members are receiving dynamic & imaginative coaching

Swim Smooth 3 day course for Technique Lead Coach

Progress 1 or 2 active coaches to BTF Level 3 qualification

Deliver Emma Brunning Swim Smooth Coach Course (March ’19)

Plan and deliver


Plan and deliver

Review January 2020

Training Sessions

Weekly coach led activities for all disciplines/abilities Regular sessions providing for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced

Ensure safety of all sessions

Swim / Bike / Run team leaders

Identify coaches to lead and book venues

Carry out Risk Assessments for any new training sessions

Leaders to work with Coach Co-Ordinator to deliver athletic programme for club

Encourage newcomers and assist participation Provide support for newcomers & help develop skills & knowledge of Triathlon Welcome new members and promote the club
Promote club interaction and team spirit; maintain interest in training by variety Organise:

International Spring Camp

UK based Spring Camp

UK based Autumn Camp

Plan and deliver:

Mallorca Camp

Lake District

Lake District

Other disciplines Include Brick / Transition Sessions

Include S&C Sessions

Nutrition Awareness

Foam Rolling


Plan and deliver

Review January 2020

Swim Section

Provide regular coached swim sessions for members Sessions to be held on:

  • Monday & Friday evenings
  • Wednesday mornings
  • Saturday & Sunday

Sessions based on 10wks blocks using Swim Smooth methods

Display session times on Website & Facebook

Sessions will focus on building strength power, endurance & speed.

Include coached Open Water sessions as part of training Sessions to start in summer months Plan and deliver
Improve swimming technique for members Highlight weaknesses in stroke and to aid improvements Emma Brunning Swim Smooth Coaching Courses planned for March ‘19
Increase sessions availability to members Trial Monday morning session at City Baths Plan and deliver

Review January 2020

Bike Section

Provide weekly opportunities for members to maintain & develop bike skills & fitness at three levels Provide weekly group rides & social meets

Weekend rides in Winter
Weekdays rides in Summer

Provide Thursday evening Turbo sessions throughout the off season

Promote sessions on Website & Facebook

Recruit more active leads & involvement of coaches

Encourage team participation to an event & session Team entry into local Sportive event, host Velodrome session & Marsh tracks Identify event/session & promote
Provide Time Trial / bike handling specific sessions across all abilities & distances Promote group rides during race season in TT friendly environment, eg Deeside Ind Est Assign leads, sessions & promote during race season. Marsh tracks
Improve safety during bike rides / sessions Provide recognised First Aid training for bike leads & members

Navigation workshop

Plan and deliver

Review January 2020

Run Section

Provide weekly run sessions for members at 3 levels: Advanced, Intermediate & Beginner Sessions to be held on Tuesday & Wednesday evening

Sessions based on Periodized training plan

Regular ad-hoc sessions (e.g off road)

Promote sessions on Website & Facebook

Track sessions are based on a 6-8 week block and targeted to individual range of paces (e.g 10K, Threshold & Half Marathon)

Identify & Encourage new ideas. Promote on Website & Facebook

Encourage single & team participation at local events Men’s & Woman’s teams to regular compete in local events inc. Borders League, Multi Terrain Race Series & XC etc Promote series / leagues on Website & Facebook. Provide coach for travel to events
Increase awareness of proper running technique and injury prevention New coaching techniques are delivered to members

Classroom session on approach to track/running speeds

Run technique workshop at Total Fitness (April ’19)

Plan & Deliver

Increase members at Track sessions Provide Track beginners sessions Plan & Deliver
Improve quality and safety of run sessions Provide run leads with proper training Plan & Deliver

Review January 2020


Welcoming & non-elitist Welcome all children from the age of 8 Training sessions to be suitable for all abilities
Juniors Section ‘Exec Team’ Mirror the senior club set up to encourage strength in depth of leadership Admin. / Finance / Leader / Coach roles
Regular team meetings
Encourage Team Spirit Improve communication with members/parents  Weekly newsletter (Simon Greenwood)  
Encourage more volunteers, maintain existing Maintain database of contacts (Simon Greenwood)
Organise races:
• 1 triathlon
• 1 duathlon/aquathlon  yearly
Successful triathlon events

Team Kit, Social Events, Annual Prizes

Plan events & include key roles with volunteers
Pathways to develop into senior club Juniors to feel welcome in senior sessions when appropriate encourage older juniors moving up to senior session Identify suitable sessions for older juniors & invite them

Invite junior teams to Relays

Financially break even Correctly charge for use of facilities
Safe & accredited club, to be recognised as a well run club Maintain BTF Star accreditation and Clubmark status Awareness and coherence of policies via BTF & associated websites
Ensure juniors have enough coaches Increase number coaches at junior sessions Advertise, support and maintain
Jenny Meadows Run Workshop

Emma Brunning Swim Workshop

Chester Swim Club Classes

Review January 2020


To provide opportunity at all levels  for participation in Triathlon & endurance related sports
  • Deva Olympic & Half Distance
  • Deva Divas (Ladies Only Sprint)
  • Junior Triathlon, Duathlon & Aquathlon
  • Dee Mile Swim
  • Christleton 5K Run
  • Host Borders League Fixture
Event teams to plan, deliver, succeed & take credits

Club members encouraged to volunteer at events

Promote races via BTF/Tri News etc

Historical & Award Winning events to stand on their own and showcase Chester Triathlon Club All events to be financially stable Profits from events to be used within the club: equipment, capital projects & event(s)
Continue success of Club Aquathlons Increase number to 4 Aquathlon events across summer. Each event to >99 participants Plan & Deliver

Review January 2020

Club Communication

Share club communications easily and effectively to the members Website

Weekly Newsletter & Local Press

Social Media

Regular updates including Results/news/events etc


Communicate with members on all topics Complete survey & review feedback Plan & Deliver
Newsletter Explore new content ideas E.g. Membership profiles & link to blogs
Instagram Develop content Assign Instagram account owner

Review January 2020

Previous Development Plans