Weekend rides

Our next rides

Our winter weekend rides have started. If you would consider volunteering to lead rides, then please email bike@nullchestertri.org.uk
Thursday 22 Feb
18:30 - 19:30

Turbo session

Saturday 24 Feb
09:15 - 12:30

Group Ride

Thursday 01 Mar
18:30 - 19:30

Turbo session

Weekend rides

We will start at 09:30 from Christleton Sports Centre on either Saturday or Sunday, each week throughout the winter. Please meet at 09:15 to sign on. These rides are advertised via the calendar and our Facebook group. They will not be coached but are good winter training and an opportunity to be sociable with club members, riding at a pace that might be strenuous but doesn’t leave you completely breathless (so long as you choose the right group).

Rides are planned to provide 3 different pace groups and the Navigators will post details of the ride a few days in advance. Please choose the group which is right for your ability; we’ll aim to keep together as a group, and no-one will be left behind; we may stop for coffee if the group wishes.

Navigators may use the club routes published on our website or publish their own route on their facebook posting announcing the ride. This should assist with anyone wanting to check out the route before deciding to join the ride, and for those who wish to join the ride but at another starting point.

What to bring

You must wear your helmet on our group rides.

Please also bring a rain jacket, spare tube, tyre levers, pump, chain splitter, mobile phone, and money for a cafe stop. If the roads are wet, please use a rear mud guard.

Navigators may carry a small first aid kit but with no expectation that they will administer first aid – it’s simply a resource from which riders can draw.

Additional information

We ride from Christleton Sports Centre. Please meet 15 minutes to sign on before the ride leaves.