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Which group should I ride with?

Our club rides

Our rides are open to Chester Tri members who have booked through Nifty Entries. These rides are for adult members of the Chester Tri Club only (i.e. 17 years and older and if under 18 years old then a parent/guardian approval is needed.)

No one will be left behind, we will always sit up to regroup when required, but please ensure that you choose the ride which is suitable for your ability.

Averages are approximate but should give you an indication as to the speed of each ride and factor in hills.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bike Lead who is responsible for coordinating the bike section.

Many thanks to all members who continue to navigate our rides. We are always looking for people to support our rides and events, either as a navigator or as a coach! Please get in contact with the Bike Lead if this is something you would like to be involved with.

Group 1

Average 12 -14mph
  • Able to cycle for the advertised time / distance, usually about 2 hours – Routes will be up to 30 miles.
  • You may already have cycling experience but want to start riding with the club. These rides will provide you with experience of good group riding skills.
  • Basic skills required, e.g. stopping, steering, knowledge of highway code, knowledge of how to change gear
  • Rides will go at the pace of the slowest rider.

If you cannot maintain 12mph for two hours please attempt to improve your fitness level before joining this group. The turbo sessions on a Thursday evening could help with this.

Group 2

Average 15-17 mph
  • Moderate fitness, able to cycle for 2 hours or more at a moderate pace, and cover 40 to 45 miles.
  • Basic roadside maintenance, i.e. mend a puncture
  • Reasonable bike handling skills, e.g. cornering and descending
  • Able to ride with a group
  • Have an understanding of hand signals and communication of hazards to other cyclists.

If you comfortably ride 18mph please think about joining Group 3.

Group 3

Average 18+ mph
  • High fitness level for both endurance and speed. Routes will be approximately 40 miles or further.
  • Experienced cyclists with good bike handling skills
  • Tight group riding is essential, with good discipline to ensure the group rides as a unit.

Things to know

Generally our riders use road bikes on Chester Tri club rides, and not time trial bikes, other types of bike are slower, such as hybrids and MTBs, and if used on a club ride you may find you struggle to keep up.

Your bike should be roadworthy and well maintained.
Here are some handy guides from Cycling UK (can be downloaded onto phones):

Before you set off (M-check)
Essential tools
Repairing a puncture
Adjusting your gears and brakes
Repairing a broken chain

  • Please do not use tri-bars on club rides.
  • Ideally, for wet rides, bikes should be fitted with mudguards to prevent spraying other riders with dirty, gritty water.

General guidance (from those in the know) suggests that you don’t use the biggest chainring with the biggest rear sprocket or the smallest chainring and the smallest sprocket.

Here are some useful bike maintenance videos to help you maintain your bike:

How To Index Your Gears – Adjusting Your Rear Derailleur
How To Know When To Change Your Chain, Cassette And Chainrings
How To Service Your Headset
How To Replace Your Brake Cables

  • Check tyre pressures before each ride.
  • Check tyres for damage and wear after each ride (replace if necessary), being miles from home with an unrepairable flat doesn’t make for an enjoyable ride for you or other riders.
  • Check brake blocks regularly, remove any grit as it will damage your rims and replace pads when worn.
  • Get even slightly buckled wheels looked at by a bike mechanic or they will quickly deteriorate.
  • Saddles are designed to be horizontal, poorly adjusted saddles are bad news on a long ride.


  • Helmet
  • Mask, hand gel/sanitising wipes
  • Mobile phone
  • Spare cash and a bank card with you for emergencies.
  • A spare tube (two preferably), tyre levers, puncture repair kit, pump (a mini pump is fine) and suitable size allen keys.


  • Chain splitter
  • Drink – either water or energy drink, dehydration can really affect your performance on a ride.
  • Snack – many riders take an energy bar/ small snacks (oat cakes, malt loaf, banana etc.) in their back pocket.
  • Carry a compact rain jacket in your back pocket just in case. If you are riding when wet, this can increase wind chill and will sap your energy.
  • Helmets are a must.
  • Clothing specific to road cycling will be the most comfortable. The club has its own specific kit available from the Kit Shop
  • For winter riding you will need a good wind and water-proof jacket. In cold weather, you may want to use long cycling tights, 3/4 length tights, or leg warmers (whichever you prefer to keep your knees warm).
  • It is advised to always wear something on your hands, be they winter gloves or mitts. This will protect your hands from gravel if you come off your bike