Complaints and Discipline Policy

Chester Triathlon Club has a Code of Conduct, which all members, volunteers and officials are expected to abide by. This policy sets out the procedure by which a complaint can be made, the procedure for handling and responding to complaints and the procedure for dealing with breaches of the code of conduct.


  1. A complaint can be made against any member, volunteer or official of Chester Triathlon Club where the complainant believes the person’s actions amount to misconduct and/or a breach of the Club Code of Conduct.
  2. If the matter is a child protection issue, or relates to the health and wellbeing of a member it must be reported to the Club Welfare Officer
  3. All other complaints, including breaches of the Club Code of Conduct, should be reported to a member of the Management Committee in the first instance.
  4. Complaints regarding the protection of children or vulnerable adults will be notified to the British Triathlon Federation Lead Safeguarding Officer and may be referred to the police or social services.
  5. If the complaint indicates that a crime may have been committed the club has a duty to report it to police.
  6. Complaints should be made in writing to the Club Captain or, where the complaint relates to the Club Captain, to another member of the Management Committee.
  7. The written complaint should include:
    1. Details of the Incident
    2. The date and time the incident occurred
    3. Names of any witnesses or people present at the time of the incident
  8. The Club Secretary will keep a record of all written complaints received by the committee. The record will include the details of the complaint and its resolution, including details of any disciplinary action taken under Section 13 below.

Handling Formal Complaints and Disciplinary Action

  1. Any member of the Committee receiving a complaint will refer the information to the Management Committee as soon as practicably possible. The Management Committee will:
    1. Treat every complaint as confidential.
    2. Not discuss any matters with anyone outside of the committee other than to request expert advice.
    3. Declare immediately if they have any conflict of interest.
    4. Treat each reported incident fairly and equitably.
  2. The Committee will appoint three club officers to a complaints panel to handle the complaint.
  3. Within 14 days, the panel will contact the complainant and the person about whom the complaint has been made to acknowledge receipt of the complaint, to outline the complaints process and to notify all parties of the appointed panel members.
  4. The panel will seek statements from all parties to the complaint, any witnesses named in the original complaint and any other persons as the committee feels is appropriate, with the aim of discovering the facts surrounding the complaint. All parties to the complaint will be given equal right to be heard.
  5. Once the panel has investigated the complaint they will decide on a suitable resolution. If they believe it necessary to do so, the panel will have the power to:
    1. Issue a verbal warning as to future conduct.
    2. Issue a written warning as to future conduct.
    3. Suspend the member, volunteer or official from activities or membership for a period of time.
    4. Recommend the expulsion of the member, volunteer or official from activities and membership on a permanent basis.
  6. When deciding on a suitable resolution, and considering disciplinary action under Section 13 above, the panel should refer to the record of complaints held by the secretary and consider if previous sanctions warrant more severe sanction in the matter under consideration.
  7. The panel will communicate their detailed decision to the Management Committee, the complainant and the person about whom the complaint was made, immediately following the panel’s agreement of that decision.
  8. If the panel has recommended the expulsion of a member, volunteer or official from activities and membership on a permanent basis, the Management Committee must consider the recommendation, and decide whether they wish to action it.


  1. Once the decision has been communicated, any person who has been issued a sanction by the panel under Section 13 will have 14 days to lodge an appeal with the Management Committee.
  2. Appeals will be handled by a separate appeals panel, comprising the four club officers who were not appointed to the original complaints panel. The committee will acknowledge receipt of an appeal to both parties and inform them of the appointed appeal panel members.
  3. The appeal panel will have 14 days to decide whether to uphold the sanction.
  4. Where the sanction is upheld no further action will be taken, and the original decision will stand.
  5. Where the sanction is not upheld, the appeal panel will have the power to issue a lesser sanction or to withdraw all sanctions.

Any queries relating to this policy should be directed to the Club Captain: