Meet our Age Group Reps

18 – 30

Lizzy Deery

I’ve made some great friends in the club. If you’re thinking about trying it out – come along and say hi!

30 – 45

Claire Brown

The Chester Tri community is inclusive, supportive and like being part of a family. Please feel free to contact me and please come say hi if you see me at any club sessions.


Christine Evans

Let me inspire any new and/or older members who think they (a) can’t (b) might not be able to (c) want to have a go.
Go on!!

18 – 30

James Kidd

I love training in the club environment. Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

30 – 45

James Morgan

The club is geared towards participation and there is always a suitable group to train with. If you have any questions or want any advice feel free to drop me an email.


Greg Hughes

I really appreciate the coaches’ enthusiasm and the inclusivity around the sessions. Feel free to to get in contact.

Age Group Reps

For a less intimidating and more friendly introduction to our club we have a team of friendly faces for you to contact and meet, these are our Age Group Reps.