Meet our Age Group Reps

Age Group Reps

We know being new to a club can be daunting, but remember everyone starts somewhere and has been there before you so you will be warmly welcomed to our club family! For a less intimidating introduction to our club we have a team of friendly faces for you to contact and meet, these are our Age Group Reps. Feel free to make contact with any questions you might have, or just to know a friendly face at your next training session.

18 – 30

Lizzy Deery

I’ve made some great friends in the club. If you’re thinking about trying it out – come along and say hi!

30 – 45

Claire Williams

The Chester Tri community is inclusive, supportive and like being part of a family. Please feel free to contact me and please come say hi if you see me at any club sessions.


Christine Paramor

Let me inspire any new and/or older members who think they (a) can’t (b) might not be able to (c) want to have a go.
Go on!!

18 – 30

James Kidd

I love training in the club environment, meeting new faces and learning from each other to challenge what we can all achieve.
Feel free to get in touch with any questions and I’ll be happy to help.

30 – 45

James Morgan

The club is geared towards participation and there is always a suitable group to train with. If you have any questions or want any advice feel free to drop me an email.


Greg Hughes

I really appreciate the coaches’ enthusiasm and the inclusivity around the sessions. Feel free to to get in contact.