Deva Triathlon – Olympic distance Route

Swim route 1500m

The swim route starts from the Groves and is a 800m upstream / 700m downstream course this year exiting at the slip road by the Boathouse Inn.  Waves are set off at 10 minute intervals from 07:00 with most waves sizes kept less than 100.  The river is about 80m wide for the whole course so there is plenty of room for all.

The swim route starts from the jetty on the Groves.  The swim goes up the right side of the river to the turn around point.

You should keep all the buoys on your left when passing.  Yellow buoys are used to mark the route out and red buoys will mark the route back.  You must not swim in the restricted zone in the middle of the river between the yellow and red buoys.

The river is very wide for the swim, between 80m – 100m so does not flow particularly fast.  For the first 300m swimmers have the entire width of the river, as you pass the exit point on the way upstream the channel narrows to accomodate the returning swimmers, please keep left of all the buoys.

Exit the river using the ramp adjacent to the Boathouse Inn, there is a 50m run up the road which will be matted before a short flight of steps and about 25m of uphill tarmac path which will be matted too before running accross the grass to transition.

Bike route 40km

The route exits from Grosvenor Park at the North West corner and proceeds along Union Street into Park Street and Duke Street  then heading out of the City over the Old Dee Bridge.    The course then follows Eton road out to Eccleston, through Pulford, Rossett before heading east through Borras Head and Borras, it then drops onto the new fast Wrexham Industrial Estate Relief Road before heading back to Chester along Sibberfield Lane and Chester Road.  Upon arriving at Sandy Lane a single lane will be closed to traffic for the return to Grosvenor Park through Boughton.

Distance 39.58km

Total Elevation 130m

The bike route heads out from the North West exit from Grosvenor Park onto Little St John Street before heading down Park Street and Duke Street onto Old Dee Bridge. All the roads till you get over the bridge are closed to traffic. Once over the bridge you head out on Eaton Road towards Eccleston.

Once in Eccleston turn right and head down Rake Lane turning left onto the B5445 Wrexham Road, continue for 6.5km through Pulford, Lavister and Rossett. There is a small section of 20mph, please stick to the speed limit. There is a pedestrian crossing in Rossett which will hopefully be turned off, if not we will have marshals minimising the use of the crossing but if they are on red you must stop and you will be credited with your stopping time.

At 13km you start to go up Marford Hill, about halfway up turn left onto Hosely Lane and proceed to Borras Head following the road to the right down to the A5156.

Follow the A5156 onto the A534 for about 8km before turning left onto Sibbersfield Lane B5130. There is a right turn 2km from turning off the main road which will be policed to give you right of way. Proceed for 10km through Churton and Aldford before arriving in Huntingdon, there are several pedestrian crossings which should be turned off.

Continue up Sandy Lane and onto Boughton, one lane will be closed to traffic along Boughton all the way back to the North East entrance to Grosvenor Park.

Run route 10km

The run route is three laps of riverside paths, local minor roads and now the Old Dee Bridge as well as the newly refurbished suspension bridge.  The finish will be on the Groves by the bandstand.

Remember – 3 laps

The route exit transition from the South West corner and runs along the avenue for 50m before turning down to the park exit and across the suspension bridge.  The route then turns left onto Lower Park Road, then enters the meadows and continues on the right fork to the T Junction, continue to the right for approximately 150m to the turn around point (make sure you cross the timing mat).  The route the returns along the riverside path under the suspension bridge, past Salmon Leap and onto the Old Dee Bridge.  Cross the bridge then turn right onto The Groves.  For the first two laps proceed past the finish area and back onto the suspension bridge, on your third lap enter the finish chute on The Groves.  There will be km markers at every kilometer.