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Training Phases
Prep Prepare to Train October

  • Drills and skills, steady state swim, bike and run
  • Track focus on good run technique during session.
  • Turbo focus on technique and cadence.
Base Basic aerobic work November – January

  • Gradually increasing miles in bike and run + skill work.
  • Run efforts no more than threshold pace
  • Turbo efforts working on strength with overgear work.
  • Swim – drills and long, steady efforts
Build 1 Bringing in intensity January – March

  • Keep up the miles in bike and run and still gradually increasing.
  • Run efforts main focus is threshold work, then bringing in VO2 blocks at the end of a threshold block.
  • Turbo – medium-long efforts at race pace
  • Faster swim efforts of medium length with good technique.  Still working on drills.
Build 2 Intensity and sharpness April – June

  • Keep base endurance going
  • Run efforts moving into 10k pace work and again bringing in some VO2 for 2nd half of set
  • Bike – VO2 efforts + power work
  • Swim – shorter faster efforts.
  • Brick sessions
  • Transition training
Peak Taper for races July – September

  • Race pace work
  • Taper into “A” races

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