Deva Triathlon – on the day

Competitor FAQs

When is registration open?

Saturday from 14:30 until 17:30 at the Registration Marquee outside Hickory’s Smokehouse on The Groves.
Sunday from 05:45 until 08:00.
Please note it will take 10 mins to walk from registration to transition, please ensure you have plenty of time.

Is there anywhere to leave my bike while I register?

On Sunday, Race Day, a secure bike storage area will be available to leave your bike while you register. Please hand your bike to a marshal and collect a band. You will need to return the band to collect your bike.

Where do the race numbers go?

You will receive a sticker set that consists of a personalised helmet and seat post sticker. You will also receive one race number and a race belt, you must wear a race belt. If you wear your number under your wetsuit please check it is visible when you take it off. Your number must be clearly visible on your back during the cycle and on your front during the run.
Your timing chip should be worn on your left ankle. Please ensure you have the correct chip number before leaving registration.

Is there somewhere to leave my shoes at the start?

In your sticker set is a baggage sticker, you can attach this to the goody bag given to you at registration and leave this in a area for your wave.  This can be picked up once you have finished.  Please do not leave any valuables and try to keep the amount of things to a minimum as we have limited space.

Is it a deep water swim and is there somewhere to warm up?

It’s a deep water start, depending on timings there should be time for a brief warm up, we aim to do the safety briefing 15 mins before the start and it takes a couple of minutes.  If you get in first then you should be able to get a 5 minute warm up.

What happens if the river is too cold?

The full 1500m swim can take place at 12.5 degrees, a shortened swim can take place at 11 degrees. If its colder than that it will be a duathlon, 5km run 40km bike 10km run but this is highly unlikely. Swim temperature will be displayed at registration and transition any changes to the race will be announced on the day.

Is the swim against the current?

The swim is 850m upstream and 650 downstream for the Olympic and 1050m upstream, 850m downstream for the Middle Distance. The current is stronger where the water is deepest, usually in the middle or on the outside of a bend, the current will be weaker on inside of the bend. Upstream, against the current, you will save more energy swimming on the inside of the bend, but downstream, to take advantage of the current, swim to outside of a bend.
Please obey the instructions of the safety canoeists. If you get into difficulty then roll on to your back and wave and a marshal will come to you, please hold on to the end of a safety canoe and follow the instructions of the marshal.

What happens in transition?

Transition tours will walk you through the race from the Swim Start into transition and explain the various points of swim in, bike out, bike in and run out. These will be given by a qualified coach and club member who can answer any questions you may have of the race. These will depart from the Bandstand on The Groves at 15:30 and 16:30 on Saturday and are free to attend.

When can I rack my bike?

Transition will be open from 05:45 on Sunday 3rd June, you cannot rack your bike on Saturday. Racking is numbered and each row relates to your wave, find your number and rack your bike, please rack your bike so that your shoes and bike are on the same side of the racking as your number. Every 100 positions is marked with a clear overhead sign. Make a careful note of where your bike is so you do not get lost when you are racing. You may not mark your position in any way.

You may only enter through the ENTRANCE gate, you must ensure your bike, your helmet and your body are marked
with your number before attempting to enter transition.

You should aim to rack your bike 1 hour before your race start.

What time does transition close?

Transition will remain open for later waves to rack after the first waves have started.  We would ask everyone to make sure they are racked in plenty of time to get to the start for the safety briefing which is 15 mins before your start time.  Please take care in transition as there may be people racing when you are racking.

Are there any showers?

There are showers by the Pagoda Building in the Park, turn right as you exit transition.  We also have the use of City Baths, just across the road from the Park, you can use the swimming pool, showers and changing facilities there.  There will also be tea and coffee served in the cafe.

When will I be able to get my bike after the race?

Once all the people from your wave and the one after you have completed the bike section the marshals will allow you to collect your bike.  We will announce the numbers that can collect their bikes over the PA system. Please take care in transition as there will be others still racing.

Registration Parking

We have arranged with Queens Park High School to allow parking on their premises on Sat & Sunday.  All day parking on Sat 3rd June will be £3 payable on the Gate.  It is about 500m from registration. Post Code is CH4 7AE.

Race Day Parking

Parking will be available in the Castle Car Park and the Roodee Car Park from 5:30am.  We have negotiated with the owners and there will be a charge of £3 on the gate for all day parking, the Roodee now has a barrier system so take a ticket and pay at the pay station, cars entering before 08:30 will only pay £3 all day. Pay the marshal on the gate for the Castle Car Park.
It is a short walk from either car park, from the Roodee Car Park walk down Castle Drive to the Groves (about 800m) or from the Castle Car Park walk down Castle Street then down Lower Bridge Street (about 800m).
For spectators you can also use the Grosvenor Shopping Centre Car Park or Pepper Street Car park, both of which are multi storey car parks.
Please do not park on either the bike or run routes as this will severely affect the race safety.


In addition to the race car parks you can also use the Grosvenor Shopping Centre Car Park or Pepper Street Car park, both of which are multi storey car parks.
Please do not park on either the bike or run routes as this will severely affect the race safety.

We are excited to be partnering with Clif Bar & Company and Nuun this year who will be providing our nutrition.

Olympic Distance Athletes will receive a Clif Bar, pack of Bloks and a full tube of Nuun.
Middle Distance competitors will receive a Clif Bar, pack of Bloks, gel, a Clif Bar water bottle and a full tube of Nuun.

Gels provided by Clif will be available at the Middle Distance Turn around point.
Nuun will be available at both drinks stations and at the Middle Distance Bike Bottle Exchange.


2018 Race Schedule

Saturday  – Registration

  • 14:30 – 17:30 Registration on The Groves

Sunday  – Race Day

  • 05:45 Parking Opens
  • 05:45 – 08:00 Registration on The Groves
  • 05:45 -08:30 Transition Open for racking
  • 07:00 Wave 1 (Middle) Start
  • 08:00 Wave 2 (Olympic) Start
  • 09:30 Wave 8 Start
  • 10:00 First Olympic Finisher
  • 10:30 – 13:00 Transition open for bike collection
  • 11:30 First Middle Finisher
  • 13:00 Last Olympic Finisher
  • 13:00 Presentations at the Bandstand
  • 15:00 Last Middle Finisher


We like to have a transparent approach to prizes so here is the prize breakdown:

Overall winners; Male & Female prizes for Olympic & Middle

  • 1st £300 cash
  • 2nd £150 cash
  • 3rd £100 cash

Age group winners: (Age groups B – Q); Nutrition Prize

  • Age groups 1st, 2nd & 3rd  : Sports goods prizes

Prize giving for the Olympic Distance will take place by the bandstand at 13:00, Prize giving for the Middle Distance will also be at 13:00 for as many prizes as possible.  Only one prize per person is awarded, where a category winner also wins an overall prize both prizes are awarded, there is no roll down.

Overall winners prizes are cash, age group prizes are sports goods prizes.

All prizes must be collected by the winner or a nominated person at the prize giving, any prizes not collected will be forfeited.