Join Us

We are a very friendly club, welcoming
beginners, top athletes and everyone in between.

We have regular weekly training in swim, bike and run, with qualified club coaches to help you develop your skills and fitness level. We particularly pride ourselves on bringing beginners into the sport, with all disciplines having beginners’ sessions.

Check out our Calendar and Facebook page, there are sessions almost everyday which try to cater for all levels.

Why join us?

Because we’re people just like you, at all levels but with common interests in triathlon, swimming, cycling or running. Plus, you get good company, make friends and training buddies, and get advice and training from our British Triathlon trained coaches. There’s a friendly atmosphere at our swim, cycle and run sessions, they’re a great way to have fun while exercising and share tips and information. Our camaraderie and team spirit is energising and you may find that gives you the extra motivation to keep going, or inspires you to push that bit harder.

We know being new to a club can be daunting, but remember everyone starts somewhere and has been there before you so you will be warmly welcomed to our club family!

For a less intimidating and more friendly introduction to our club we have a team of friendly faces for you to contact and meet, these are our Age Group Reps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course.
Some of our members just run, or just cycle. Some of our members have learnt to swim with the club. If you’d like to improve your swimming, our Saturday technique sessions are a great place to start and cater for all abilities.

Yes, of course! Not all of our members participate in all three disciplines. If you don’t cycle but would like to begin, our weekly bike rides cater for all abilities and our winter turbo sessions can really help improve your fitness!

Absolutely! Many of our members were complete beginners when they started out. All of our sessions cater for different abilities, and we will never leave anyone behind. Our biggest piece of advice would be to get stuck in to the sessions, speak to the coach when you arrive to ensure you’re placed in the correct group, and have fun!

Most run and bike sessions cater for all levels and will split into groups by ability. We have swim technique sessions for learners and improvers.

At our run session we have several groups, split by ability/speed/distance.

Cycle rides are also split into speed and ability. Our group 1 cycle ride is a good place for beginners to start to build up confidence.
Come along and try out a couple of sessions, (you can try out up to 3 sessions as a non-member). Let the coach know that you are new and and here for a try out and they will assign you accordingly into speed, swim lane or cycle group.

All our coaches are qualified triathlon coaches who give their time voluntarily to the club, they’re usually wearing a coaches t-shirt or jacket, but if in doubt ask!

Ultimately no one would ever leave you behind on run or cycle, and you can’t get lost in the pool!

No need to book, all sessions are just turn up. Some sessions have an additional cost and this will be listed within the event on the calendar. Swims are £4 each, runs are free (except the track which is £2), and outdoor bike rides are free to attend.

You also don’t need to attend every session and can come as often or infrequently as you like.

We have active members who only swim, run or only cycle so no, you don’t have to race or enter a triathlon.

We hope all this training would lead you into doing a triathlon, but in no way are you under any pressure to do so.

We are very welcoming to beginners, everyone is a beginner at some point. There are always people new to the sport at sessions, and you should never feel worried about attending our sessions as a beginner. We have swim technique sessions, run and cycle rides that cater for people just starting out, so you’ll be very welcome.

We also run the Deva Diva race, which is women only triathlon based in Chester. This event was voted Triathlon of the year in 2016, and is very successful each year at getting more and more newcomers into racing.

We hope that has answered all your questions but if there is anything else you would like to know about membership please ask.

Benefits of joining the club

Other benefits of membership include:-

  • A weekly club bulletin by email to keep you up to date with all that is going on.
  • Club Championships.
  • Winter & Summer leagues based around popular local races.
  • Subsidised entry and opportunities to race for the club in National Team Relay Championships.
  • Annual Training Camp
  • Guest Coaches.
  • Discounts at local stores.
  • Reduced rate for British Triathlon Membership.
  • Christmas Party & Prizegiving.
  • Social Events
  • London Marathon places

Chester Triathlon Club is awarded a place or places into the London Marathon each year. The number of places we are awarded is dependent on the number of our members who are affiliated to England Athletics. The places are given to the members based on the following criteria:

You should :

  • have applied through the London Marathon ballot and received a rejection letter, which you should keep.
  • have been a member of Chester Tri Club for a minimum of 6 months
  • Have raced as a member of Chester Triathlon Club.
  • be registered with England Athletics.
  • Provide a brief summary to the Captain or Secretary,of where you have provided support to the club.  This could be helping out at any events, coaching, on a committee etc.

About membership

Membership runs for 12 months from your date of joining the club, and costs £25 for Seniors and £10 for Juniors members under the age of 18.

A note about racing

As a member of Chester Triathlon Club, you are able to race Triathlon events under the club name. It is not necessary to be a member of the British Triathlon Federation to do so although as a club, we do recommend it. As a member of Chester Triathlon Club you are eligible for an £11 discount on your BTF membership. For all the benefits of BTF membership and how to join, please see the BTF website.

In order to be able to participate in any running event, eg. 5km, 10km, half marathon, marathon, Multi-terrain, cross country and the Borders League, as a member of Chester Triathlon Club, you must join England Athletics (UK Athletics). If you choose not to join, you must run as an unaffiliated runner, pay the full race entry fee and you may not compete in any inter-club leagues such as the Borders League, the Cross Country leagues, or the Multi-terrain Series. Membership of England Athletics is a compulsory requirement of the Borders League, the Cross Country leagues, and the Multi-terrain Series.

Be aware that event organisers do check if you have a valid EA number and also whether it is active.

Please note that your details do not appear on the UK Athletics web page straightaway. There may be a delay of 3-4 weeks before the database is updated. You should ensure that you allow this time period between activating your membership and any races you are planning to enter.