Club History

Celebrating 25 years of Chester Triathlon Club


The City of Chester Triathlon Club was formed in 1994 by Sam Titman, Mike Foran and Sioran Glanrid-Jones. Back then the club had no coaches, no officials and very few members. Club finances were meagre, and triathlons cost £10 to £15!

Over the last 25 years of promoting our sport to athletes of all levels has seen the club grow to over 450 members, from the very youngest at 9 year olds in our Junior section, to our oldest at over 70 years old. The club aims to cater for all abilities and all ages.

Previous Chester Triathlon races

Fire Brigade Triathlon

The first of the Chester tri’s races grew out of the Fire Brigade Triathlon and was held at Manley Mere. Back then there were no Olympic Distance triathlons in the North West and so Deva Triathlon was born.

Sandy Lane Training triathlons

One of the most popular races for members only was the Sandy Lane Sprint Triathlon, growing to more than 80 participants taking part on a Wednesday evening. This popular triathlon provided a great training ground for old hands to practice their transition skills and for complete novices to try their first triathlon with the support of their members.

The Friar Tuck Triathlon

This very popular triathlon was held in a school near the Norton Priory, Runcorn – hence the name – for two years from 2001 until 2002 when the school until the school was demolished.  The race was fortunate to have been won by Alistair Brownlee and Tanja Alan in its first year.

Past Committees

1994Sam TitmanMike ForanSiaron Glanrid-Jones
1995Sam TitmanAndy WhiteSiaron Glanrid-Jones
1996Mark HughesAndy WhiteSiaron Glanrid-Jones
1997Mark HughesAndy WhiteSiaron Glanrid-Jones
1998Mark HughesAndy WhiteSiaron Glanrid-Jones
1999Mark HughesAndy WhiteSiaron Glanrid-Jones
2000Mark HughesAndy WhiteLinda Worrall
2001Phil MacDonaldAndy WhiteLinda Worrall
2002Phil MacDonaldAndy WhiteLinda Worrall
2003Phil MacDonaldAndy WhiteLinda Worrall
2004Andy WhiteBarry FrostLinda Worrall
2005Andy WhiteBarry FrostLinda Worrall
2006Andy WhitePhil TownshendBill Neave
2007Andy WhitePhil TownshendBill Neave
2008Phil TownshendJayne NeaveBill Neave
2009Phil TownshendJayne NeaveBill Neave
2010Dominique MillerNania MasonColin Wilson
2011Dominique MillerNania MasonColin Wilson
2012Dominique MillerNania MasonColin Wilson
2013Jan RogersAndy HamiltonDiane DuretAlan Cronin
2014Jan RogersAndy HamiltonDiane DuretAlan Cronin
2015Andy HamiltonMark JonesDiane DuretIan Jameson
2016Mark Jones (Acting)Mark JonesSue EllisIan Jameson
2017Mark JonesChris O’HaraSue EllisIan JamesonLeigh JenkinsAndy HamiltonNigel Waterhouse
2018Chris O’HaraNeil ThomasSue EllisIan AinscoughLeigh JenkinsAndy HamiltonNigel Waterhouse
2019Chris O’HaraNeil ThomasAnthony BrennanIan AinscoughLeigh JenkinsAaron RileyNigel Waterhouse
2020Neil ThomasLeigh JenkinsAnthony BrennanIan AinscoughChristine ParamorAaron RileyMark Taylor
2021Neil ThomasLeigh JenkinsAnthony BrennanHannah OrmerodChristine ParamorKaren ColloMark Taylor