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Zwift rides

Zwift rides

Many of us in the Tri Club use Zwift as a Virtual Training and Racing tool.

Zwift provides the opportunity to enjoy a ride, do a workout or take part in a race. These days most club group related Zwift activity is through different race series such as the Zwift Racing League, Team Time Trials or the North West British Triathlon Racing League.

Discussion around rides is through the app Discord – a text and voice chat app. The voice chat function is  useful during these races (think team radio), to get onto our Discord group you’ll need to get in touch with James Morgan or Jonathan Girvan at as sign up links only last 24 hours, make sure you have good headphones with a speaker to be heard as well.

What you need

New to Zwift?

What do you need?

  • A bike: You’ll need your bike.
  • An indoor trainer: An indoor trainer attaches to your bike and gives you resistance, a smart trainer does everything you need, when using an older turbo trainer often referred to as a dumb turbo, you will need speed and cadence sensors.
  • ANT +/Bluetooth: An Ant+ dongle or Bluetooth connectivity depending on your set up allows your indoor trainer or sensors to communicate with your laptop, iPad or phone.
  • Zwift app: Download Zwift on to a laptop or phone. Or head over to to get set up.
  • A fan: Outdoors you have the relief of a breeze, not indoors, you will get warm fast, a good fan can bring some reflief.
  • A towel: For similar reasons as a fan, you’ll need a towel to mop of any sweat.

Don’t forget all the usual Hydration and Nutrition.

There are many how to video’s on YouTube, just search ‘setting up Zwift’ here’s one from GCN 

A number of our club members have been using Zwift for years and will be happy to help out, just get on a group ride using discord and ask away.

Advancing Zwifters?

Zwift Racing

Zwift has some fantastic racing options, some of which include those organised by the WTRL. Chester Tri Club often take part in Tuesday night Zwift Racing League which takes part from September to March with short seasons of 6 races that can vary from point races to Team Time Trials.

What happens in a Team Time Trial? check out Andy Wyrko’s commentary of his first one.

This is fast and furious racing that pushes you beyond your normal comforts to new heights. Those taking part are happy to rotate to ensure others get the chance to take part. If your interested and you are a high C or above on Zwift then email for more info, or follow the conversation on the Discord App.

North West British Triathlon Zwift Racing

Zwift fun against other local clubs, providing a good level of healthy competition.
A head to head series with 10 mile races, points are scored based on finishing positions, individual points, become team points, with higher team engagement also helping. Here’s a presentation on the series:

This series is all about participation of ALL abilities. Its about having some fun, knowing we’re up against local teams. Teams are required to have at least 2 females, over 50’s or under 18’s, and every rider matters so just by turning up you gain the club points. There is no limit to who is involved or their ability. We can even take under16’s!!!

If you’re interested in being involved we do all our admin/sign up/comms through the Discord app, if you need the joining code email

Zwift has a club function, join our club following this link.