Daniel Craigen

Level 1 Triathlon Coach
Dan coaches swim technique. He is also the person behind the hugely successful Deva Triathlon, helped by Chester Triathlon Club members, the best marshals in the business!
Ever since Dan’s mum threw him in pool at the tender age of 4 and instructed the lifeguards not to rescue him, he has loved the water. Dan swam competitively for his school, region and country as a youngster. Another of his hobbies was cycling and he would often disappear for days with his bike and friends on mammoth cycling expeditions into Wales. After working hard, training hard and playing hard he now has a new love of triathlon (but not so much the running part…) and wants others to get the most potential out of their training (and playing).


Competitive swimmer since 1980. Been doing triathlons since 2007


Top tips: Train smart, rest smarter


Coaching philosophy: I like to see improvements in people I coach.

Coaching qualifications

BTF Level 1 Coach – 2009

ASA Level 1 Swimming Teacher – 1995

Finest sporting moments

1,500m Freestyle Age group 1st at GB Nationals in 2010

Dee Mile Champion 2008 – 2013

Dee Mile Champion course holder 2012 – Present