Good Friday Charity Bike Ride

14th April 2017
Rides of 77 miles or 53 miles with Tri Club ride leaders
Nutrition for the ride (energy gels and a KitKat)
Tea stops part way round on both rides
Free tea, coffee, homemade cakes and beans on toast at the finish

Some of you may already know that Linda and Mark Worrall are fundraising for Peter Fabian. Peter was an active member of Chester Triathlon Club, and also gave back to the club by coaching at swim sessions.  He suffered a catastrophic stroke whilst turbo-training over 1 year ago.  During the last 12 months Peter has surpassed expectations in his recovery culminating in walking his daughter down the aisle.  However, there is still a long and difficult road ahead to further improve his mobility and verbal communication.  It’s in both of these areas of his rehabilitation that the NHS support has considerably reduced and future support will need funding.  This is where Mark and Linda would like to support Peter and Deri (his wife) in raising funds which will allow Peter to continue to improve his communication skills and mobility.

Chester Tri would like to support this, and we are organising a charity ride on Good Friday (14th April) finishing with tea/coffee, beans on toast and homemade cake at Hobsons Community Cafe in Hoole. There will be no charge for taking part, but we would appreciate if people could donate to Linda and Mark’s fundraising page.

With the aim of raising as much as possible, this will be open to other cyclists, so please pass on to anyone you think might be interested. If you have any questions, or would like to help with the ride, or baking cakes, please contact Andy White.

The Routes

There will be two different routes, of either 53 or 77 miles (the 77 follows the Rise Above route – as you may have heard, the Rise Above isn’t happening this year). Both start at 69 Cycles and finish at  Hobsons Cafe. The routes are not signed, you are expected to know the way. Please download the route to your gps device, or cycle with someone who has. Please bring the usual spares, a phone, and cycle with a helmet. Roads are not closed, please abide by the rules of the road and be considerate towards other road users. All groups aim to get back between 2pm and 4pm for coffee/tea and food. Peter and Deri will be at Hobsons to meet the cyclists as they return.

Of course you can just to go for coffee/tea and cake, and say hello to Peter, without having to cycle first!