Chester Triathlon Club 2017 Awards

Each year the Club recognises the outstanding achievement and contribution of its athletes at the End of Season Awards Party.

In addition to the Club Championships the club also presents 5 awards for which we seek nominations.  You can nominate yourself or someone else.  What matters is that these awards to go to the outstanding person in each category (it’s not about personality) so we need to know about their/your achievements or contribution.  Nominations are anonymous but please briefly highlight the achievements of the person being nominated.
Nominations please by Sunday 22nd October.

The Club needs recommendation from you, the members, for:

Triathlete Of The Year

Awarded to the club member demonstrating outstanding overall achievement in triathlons (in their age category) during the current season.

Previous winners:

  • 2016 Scott Whittlestone
  • 2015 Alison Leavans
  • 2014 Jan Rogers
  • 2013 Kenny Begley
  • 2012 Claire Sutcliffe

Most Improved Athlete

Awarded to a dedicated and hardworking athlete who has shown a significant improvement since their previous season, or sustained improvement over two or three seasons.

Previous winners:

  • 2016 Rosemary Symms
  • 2015 Sharon Plested
  • 2014 Claire Sutcliffe
  • 2013 Carol Coole
  • 2012 Bethan Hughes

Best Newcomer

Awarded to a new club member in their first full year of racing multi-sport events who has shown outstanding promise and/or dedication to the sport.

Previous winners:

  • 2016 Lizzy Parker Mullen,
  • 2015 Naiomi Symms
  • 2014 Jessica Dickson
  • 2013 Leigh Jenkins
  • 2012 Mark Wakefield

Alan Cronin Club Member Of The Year

Every club depends on them… the people who are omnipresent and turn up, rain or shine to race and/or support the Club.  They volunteer at events, or coach or help at training sessions and give up their evenings & weekends to help the club succeed. This award recognises and celebrates their amazing contribution.  These are the people that make the club the success it is.

Previous winners:

  • 2016 Iain Wood
  • 2015 Alan Cronin
  • 2014 Andy Hamilton
  • 2013 Dan Craigen
  • 2012 Dan Craigen

Plonker Of The Year

Awarded to the individual who during the season demonstrated either a single act or multiple acts of pure lunacy in the name of our sport. This need not be associated to a multi-sport event.

Previous Winners:

  • 2016 Meurig Thomas
  • 2015 Ravi Jayaram
  • 2014 Kenny Begley
  • 2013 Aaron Riley
  • 2012 Ravi Jayaram

A person can only receive an award in one category, except for ‘Plonker of the year’, which is obviously awarded to only the most accomplished of athletes!

An Awards Committee will consider all nominations. Athletes leading the summer league and club championships will automatically be considered as will those who have competed at World and European Championships.