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The Tour of Cheshire West Stages

The Tour of Cheshire West 2024 Stages

An email will be sent in advance of each stage to all competitors, detailing and profiling the stage.

Stage 1 – April: Hargrave

Stage 1 Strava link

The tour kicks off close to home with a circular route taking in Hargrave, Huxley and Burton.

Stage 2 – May: Willington

Stage 2 Strava link

Stage 2 see us return to an old favourite – Willington hill. A tough climb to start followed by a fast decent around Utkington.

Stage 3 – June: Ridgeway

The Queen Stage

Stage 3 Strava link

The tour continues with a long climb up the Ridgeway before lots of up and downs around Delamere forest.

Stage 4 – July: Eaton

Stage 4 Strava link

The penultimate stage sees us taking in a long, slow climb up to Eaton

Stage 5 – August: Eccleston

Stage 5 Strava link

The tour concluded close to home with a trip around some pleasant country lanes before heading back towards Chester via Eccleston.

Previous Tour Stages

An email will be sent in advance of each stage to all competitors, detailing and profiling the stage.

Stage 1 – April: Ashton Heyes

The tour kicks off from Ashton Heyes to Hallowmoor Heath via Barrow.

Stage 2 – May: Helsby

Stage two takes riders from Dunham on the Hill, past Manley, Mouldsworth and Alvanley to Helsby Hill.

Stage 3 – June: Kingsley

Stage three takes riders on a rollercoaster of ups and downs from Kingsley to Manley Common.

Stage 4 – July: Beeston

Stage four see’s riders take on familiar ground by Tattenhall, before pushing on for a castle finish by Beeston.

Stage 5 – August: Bickerton

Final Stage starts in Bickerton before entering middle earth (Cheshire East)  returning to Cheshire West to finish the series up Hampton Heath.

An email will be sent in advance of each stage to all competitors, detailing and profiling the stage.

Stage 1 – April: Upton

The tour kicks of with a bang from Mannings lane with a fast, gradual down hill towards Mickle Trafford. A left hand turn takes you along some lovely rolling roads and through Picton. Follow the road forward before going along the M56 flyover and passing the M53. A small climb takes you to Wervin and next to Chester zoo before a fast finish in Upton. This is a short and flat stage, ideally situated close to Chester for the darker April nights.

Stage 2 – May: Delamere

Stage two sees us heading over to Delamere. The stage starts with a flat ride up past Blakemere Moss followed by a left hand turn just before Hatchmere. This is a nice fast section with a small downhill. Another left hand turn and the stage starts to go upwards. Starting off gradually and then picking up sharply, we head past Kelsall cycles and go up the Yeld. This stage will suit the puncheur type riders who can put in a big effort over a short time period.

Stage 3 – June: Utkinton

Stage three sees us returning to Willington but for a very different stage to last year. A flat start before some hilly rolling terrain take us through Utkinton.  A few left hand turns take us up to Cotebrook before a final turn off for the Summertrees climb kicks in. This is a long gradual climb and will suit the time trialists who can hold good power over a long time period.

Stage 4 – July: Tattenhall – The Queen Stage

Next the tour moves on to Tattenhall for the queen stage with bonus points on offer in the sprint and KOM competitions. A flat start along Huxley lane takes us past Newton and into Tattenhall. A left hand turn sees us going along Bolesworth road an up towards Harthill. The climb is split into two sections with a fast downhill sandwiched in between. This will be two relatively long and sharp hills and should suit the climbers.

Stage 5 – August: Tilston

The penultimate stage starts just past Holt with a small, gradual uphill. A series of left hand turns take us through Shocklach and Horton Green before arriving in Tilston. A short, sharp uphill past Carden park golf club finishes off the stage.  This is one for the all rounder riders who can do a bit of everything with sprinting, climbing and time trialing all required.

Stage 6 – September: Saighton

The tour comes to a conclusion in Saighton with a stage that will be very familiar to those who have raced the Saighton TT’s. The stage starts at Sandy lane park and heads past Huntington before a right hand turn at the mini roundabout takes us down towards Aldford. A left hand turn before the bridge takes you up a small hill and then it flattens out again up to Bruera. Continue on to Saighton with a short climb up past Abbey Gate College before a fast finish down Sandy lane brings the Tour to a conclusion. This is a fast and flat stage and should suit the time triallist. Again, this stage was selected to be close to Chester as the nights start to get darker again in September.

An email will be sent in advance of each stage to all competitors, detailing and profiling the stage.

Stage 1 – April: Oscroft > Tavin (via Kelsall)

Start in Oscroft village, climb Chapel Lane (one of the tour of Britain 2019s KOM’s), pass through Kelsall before sprinting down Willington Lane (Weetwood Teaser) and then turning off to Tarvin for a final dip

Stage 2 – May: Barrow > Helsby
Start by the Stamford bridge pub, through Barrow, turn to go past Manley Mere, into a climb, follow the road toward Alvanley but turn off for Helsby golf course before hand with a final turn and sprint to Helsby

Stage 3 – June: Norley > Frodsham
Start with a sprint from the village of Norley, carry on down the same road into Frodsham before finishing with a sharp climb up Frodsham Hill to finish

Stage 4 – July: Holt > Chester
Come off the Holt/Farndon bridge at speed into a climb with an early turn, then follow the same road to Huntington roundabout sprinting through Alford, finishing up Sandy lane hill climb in Chester

Stage 5 – August: Little Budworth > Wettenhall
Start by going through Little Budworth past Oulton Park, as you pass the pond begin a short sharp climb which links you to the road to Eaton, a nice fast road, finishing with a dip before a brief sprint surge.

Stage 6 – September: Huxley > Burwardsley (The Queen Stage)
As the lights turn green it’s go go go, over the canal bridge by Hargrave, turn to Huxley, dip down the Shady Oak under the shadow of Beeston castle, return toward Tattenhall but turn to Burwardsley starting the big finish the beyond the Pheasant KOM