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The Tour of Cheshire West Rules

The Rules

Respect the rules of the road, it is your responsibility to give way when required and to ride on your side of the road to name a few. While we’ve tried to use quiet roads and left turns where possible, there are some right hand turns so please be extra careful on these – look out for stage descriptions for areas to be mindful of.

To ensure your safety you must wear a cycling helmet whilst competing in the event.

You only have the allotted month to race the stage. You can race as many times as you wish, with your fastest Strava segments time counted.

You can ride by yourself or with other members from your team/club to help push you on.

Heart rate monitors are strongly encouraged for those who expect to be towards the top of the leaderboards. As this is a friendly competition, we will not penalise anyone riding without one but for transparency it would be great if riders worn one to remove any suspicion of cheating.

Each stage will be neutralized on the final day of the month (rides done on this day will not count) so that we have time to collate the results before they disappear from Strava.

We rely on Strava working to take results and unfortunately we can’t control Strava glitches and GPS issues. If you do encounter any issues on your ride then please email – and we will do our best to resolve your issue.

For the General Classification, your times from each stage will be added together, with the overall winner being the rider with the lowest total time.

Within each stage there are also designated sprint and hill climb segments. These are points based competitions, with points recorded over the series.

Finally there is a team competition, the top 3 finishers from each team/club will gain points for an overall team series.
Trophies will be awarded to the Men’s and Women’s winner from each of the three individual competitions as well as trophy for the fastest overall team/club.

We have purposefully designed the Tour of Cheshire West to be kept simple with as few rules as possible. Please enjoy this competition in the friendly spirit that it is intended and look out for each other whilst on the road.