Early bird turbo session workouts

Here you will find the Zwift files for each week’s turbo session.

To load the session:

  • The zwift workout file is a “.ZWO file” you will need to save this on your computer.
  • Find your “Zwift” folder
  • Then “workouts”
  • Then “991103” this is the number zwift gave mine yours will be different
  • Once you have joined the ride
  • Click on “menu”
  • “workouts” select the session that you have installed from the website.
  • Then click “workout”
  • Then “back” to re join the ride.

9th Feb 2021 workout file 

16th Feb 2021 workout file

23rd Feb 2021 workout file

2nd March 2021 workout file

9th March 2021 workout file

16th March 2021 workout file

23rd March 2021 workout file