Coached turbo sessions

Our next turbo sessions

As covid continues to impact all of us, we have club members giving up their time to coach free sessions. Join in!!!

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TURBO TUESDAYS are coming – starting January 5th 2021… Ian Laird and Nick Watkins are running two FREE turbo sessions using different IT formats and timings to deliver training at all levels… so no one is left behind.

  • TURBO TUESDAY – EARLY BIRD 7.30 – 8.30am with Ian Laird
  • TURBO TUESDAY – EARLY EVENING 7.15 – 8.15pm with Nick Watkins

These sessions are for Chester Triathlon Club Members only and you will need to sign up via Nifty Entries so we can communicate details with you.

TURBO TUESDAY – EARLY BIRD 6.30 – 7.30am with Ian Laird

This will be a fun interactive workout for the early birds out there.

To join in you will need a Zwift subscription, and you will need to enter each turbo session via Nifty Entries so we can communicate details with you.

Ian will create a group ride (no drop) for you to join. He will email the Zwift workout file to you the day before for you to download. During the ride the details of what we will be doing will pop up on your screen, and we can all suffer (and smile) together. Download the Discord App if you don’t have it and email for a 24 hour access link. We will utilise the Club Discord channel so that the sessions will be coached by Ian giving exact verbal details of what we are doing. The sessions will be suitable for all abilities, will be periodised so that they progress week on week to peak in June for the main start of the race season (COVID permitting).

The sessions will be based on power for the people that have smart trainers and understand their zones. Ian will also be coaching on RPE scale (rate of perceived exertion) for those that don’t. Dumb Turbos are fine too.

If you can’t make the session you are free to download the file to do when you can. Ian will post detailed instructions on what to do to get set up for the ride in due course. (this will assume that you are already on Zwift and your bike and turbo are already talking to it.) This club page may help you get set up –

TURBO TUESDAY – EARLY EVENING with Nick Watkins. 7.15 – 8.15pm

All you need for this session is ZOOM and you will need to sign up will be via Nifty Entries each turbo session so we can communicate the login details with you. We suggest you get logged in for 7.05pm ready to rock! The coach will then ‘let you in’ from the waiting room ready for the 7.15pm start.

Please be all set you ready with your bike, a turbo, a towel and drink and ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing, that your turbo is safely set up (and stable!!) and that any household members know that you are logged in! You / we don’t want any camera surprises!

These sessions will be delivered with progression of both endurance and fitness as we move through the winter and towards the 2021 season.


Any questions ask away and Ian and Nick will be able to help you.