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Useful Tips

General Tips

  • Your last meal should be two to three hours before your start time.
  • You can do the whole event in your swimming kit which means you will only have to put your trainers and T shirt on when you leave the pool.
  • Have a drink and something to eat soon after finishing your race. This will replace the energy you have used and help you to recover more quickly.


  • Arrive in plenty of time.
  • If using goggles, use a ‘regular’ pair, don’t risk new goggles until you are sure they fit.
  • Do a warm up before starting and some simple stretches. This will help you avoid strains later on. You will not be allowed to warm up in the water.
  • Pace yourself!


  • The clock starts at the beginning of the swim and stops when you finish the run, so quick changeovers are important.
  • Don’t spend too long getting dried – you soon dry out when you start cycling.
  • Put a little talcum powder in your trainers, this makes it easier to put wet feet into them.
  • Make sure your laces are loose enough to slip your feet in. Instead of tying laces, consider buying lace locks that will hold your laces tight. These can often be found on anoraks and rucksacks and can be bought in hardware and running shops. Practise putting your trainers on quickly.


  • Don’t use new kit, stick to what you are comfortable with.
  •  Try to keep running – remember jogging is faster than walking.
  • Pace yourself
  • Finish with a smile – you never know who is taking photographs!
  • Most of all ENJOY YOURSELF!!

Equipment List


  • Trunks/costume/race suit
  • Goggles if required.


  • A well serviced bike (road/mountain/hybrid – whatever!)
  • T shirt/vest – get someone to attach your numbers whilst you are wearing it
  • Race number belt (optional but quicker than having to put on a T shirt/vest
  • Trainers (lace locks optional)
  • Shorts and socks (optional)


  • Towel – to stand on at the poolside
  • Safety pins – for your numbers. They will be available in registration.
  • Talcum powder – to put in your trainers
  • Warm clothing – to put on after the race.
  • A smile… to be worn at all times : )