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Deva Divas Race Information

Information for Competitors



Directions and parking

The race venue is the Meadows, Elizabeth Crescent/Lower Park Road, Queen’s Park, Handbridge, Chester CH4 7BB.  Parking will be on the Meadows.  Please do not park along Elizabeth Crescent!!  We do not want to inconvenience local residents and Elizabeth Crescent is also part of the bike route.

From the motorway network, follow the M53 towards Chester to the motorway end where it becomes the A55.  Leave the A55 at the junction with the A483 (Wrexham turning) and turn right towards Chester.  Continue along the A483 for two miles, going straight on at junctions/roundabouts.

At the end of this road you reach a large roundabout with traffic lights (Overleigh roundabout).  Stay in the right hand lane and take the fifth exit to Overleigh Road (signposted Handbridge).  After about 700 yards turn right into Queen’s Park Road (just after Co-Op garage and before Post Office).  If you go over a small river bridge (weir on the right) you have gone too far and are heading into the city centre.

Take the first turning left into Victoria Crescent (after the University building) – the road bears around to the right (Lower Park Road) – follow this down to a sharp 90◦ turning.  You will turn left off Elizabeth Crescent onto a track down onto the Meadows.  Marshalls will direct you to park.

If you are coming to register on the Saturday afternoon – parking will be on the Meadows (no charge).

Parking on race day will be on the Meadows – we are asking for a £3 donation to charity for each car.  If you would like to donate, please bring correct change and throw it into the buckets. Charities this year are Clatterbridge Cancer Care, BEAT and North West Air Ambulance and also a local cancer charity called MeAgain.  A total of £581 was raised for 2022 – thank you Divas!

Please note that once parked on the Meadows on race day – no vehicles will be able to leave until the last person has finished!!!  If you need to leave directly after you have finished/early then please do not park on the Meadows.

Meadows parking will close at 8am on race day – no cars will be allowed to leave until the last Diva has crossed the Finish line – approx 11.30am.

Accommodation / Camping

Camping is not allowed on the Meadows but there are various campsites around Chester.  Contact the visitor information office on 01244 405340 or go to their website for camping and other accommodation options.


Registration will be in the marquee on Saturday afternoon between 4pm and 6pm and Sunday morning between 6.15am and 7.35am.  You will collect an envelope with your race numbers, swim cap (which must be worn as it denotes your wave) and timing chip.  There will be some race number belts available for those Divas who don’t already have one!  There will be on tables set out by size.  The registration helpers will have a list of sizes requested.  Please note, however, that t-shirts are ordered well in advance of the race – whilst we will do our best to match your request to the correct t-shirt size it may not be possible.

To register – Go directly to one of the registration ipads/desks there will be four points for Quadrathlon, AquaBike, Triathlon Under 49s and Triathlon 50  and Over.  AquaBike and Triathlon Divas only –  Don’t forget to bring along and show your British Triathlon licence otherwise you will not be able to claim your £3 refund.  Your BT license must be in date and can be either shown on your phone or as a hard copy license card. If you don’t have a BT licence, a BT day licence, which allows you to race, is included in the entry fee.

Please ensure that you complete the Emergency Contact/Medical details on the back of your race number.

There will be several Chester Tri ladies in Registration to answer any queries and also walk you through transition!


Transition will be open 6.15 am to 7.35 am.  Give yourself plenty of time to set up your transition space, rack your bike, make sure your drinks bottle is on your bike and set out your running shoes, bicycle helmet, number belt and for the Quadrathletes, paddles, buoyancy aid (and canoe shoes if you are using them), and place your kayak in the holding area. Due to Covid there will be 4-6 cycles to each rack, so loads of space.  You will be able to put your bag by your bike spot but please ensure it is tidy so that you do not impede any other competitor.

Marshals will direct you for racking – please listen to them!!  Do not just rack anywhere…..

This year we are doing sequential racking – the racks will not be numbered.  There will be one row for the Quad Divas. The AquaBike Divas will be racked together, as will the Triathlon Divas.  You will come into transition with your bike and just take the next spot on the rack.  No marking of space is allowed with balloons etc….a brightly coloured towel is a good idea though.  Each of the racks will be numbered at the end so that you can see which rack you are on.

When you are happy with your set up visualise your race, walk your way around transition and work out your transition routines.  All exits and entrances are signed with large flags!


Wetsuits are compulsory (shorties are fine as long as you’re used to wearing them) where the water temperature is under 14 degrees – above that and up to 22 degrees wetsuits are optional.  If the river temperature goes above 22 degrees it will be no wetsuit – the river NEVER gets that warm!  It is currently about 18 degrees!

750m – Point to point – going with the current!  We will get you into the river at the ferry point opposite Sandy Lane car park.  You will be counted in – please wait your turn!!  Do not get into the river elsewhere – you must pass the marshals who are counting you in (safety!!).

When you get into the river please swim or paddle off from the pontoon straight away so that everyone has plenty of space.  It is shallow here so no need to worry!

The swim will be divided into three waves the first one (Quadrathlon and AquaBike) starting at 8.20am – second and third (Tri waves) at 8.30/8.40 am.   Your hat colour will denote which wave you are in.  Wave 1 – Quad (Purple hats)/AquaBike (Light Pink hats), Wave 2 – Triathlon Under 49s (Green hats) Wave 3  – Triathlon 50s and Over (Dark Pink hats).  Enter the water through the funnel to enable the marshals to count you in (see above).  There will be very big buoys (orange ones!) in the water.  You must keep the buoys on your right hand side – i.e., swim to the left of the buoys.  This is to ensure segregation from other river traffic.

If you are nervous or don’t feel too confident in the swim – don’t worry!!  Stay to the side or near the back.  There will be plenty of room – the river is nice and wide!

If you get into difficulty lie on your back with your hand in the air to signal to the canoes that you require aid.  When one comes to you please listen to their instructions – do not grab onto them with both hands…we don’t want them in the water too!

Transition is right by swim exit – you will be helped up a ramp (if you require it) out of the river onto the pontoon then run across a path (matted) into transition (grass area) so no need for shoes at the exit.  At swim exit there will be a table with handwipes/hand sanitiser – all competitors are advised to wipe their hands before proceeding to bike transition.  This should reduce the transfer of any river bacteria to food / drink.

Although you can walk down to the swim start in bare feet (it is mostly grass) – I personally would use flip flops.  We won’t be pairing them up, so I would suggest that you bring a piece of ribbon, string, tape or something similar to tie your flip flops/sandals together. It will make it a lot easier for you to find them at the end of the race.  There will be someone to bring these back to the marquee for you to reclaim at the end of the race.  It would be appreciated if you did remember to do this – any leftover flip flops will go straight into the skip (unless they are in good enough condition to take to the charity shop)

Kayak - for Deva Diva Quadrathletes

Equipment – Any sort of kayak or canoe can be used – if unsure please email, (K1, wild water kayak, sea kayak, surf ski, touring kayak, and sit on tops). Every kind of paddle is allowed, there are no restrictions in size, form or material.

The Competitor is personally responsible that her equipment is in legally in satisfactory condition and that their boat is sufficiently buoyant to remain afloat and to support them in the event of capsize.

The wearing of life jackets or buoyancy aids is compulsory for all paddlers in this race.
(Life jackets must comply with either the European Standard ‘EN393 or 395 or International Standard ‘ISO 12402’).

The Course 4km – upstream 2km and downstream 2km, with 3 turn around buoys.

You will pick up your Buoyancy aids, paddles, and canoe shoes (if needed) in transition after your swim, you will then go back to the river bank and launch your kayak. You will go slightly downstream and paddle across the river and turn clockwise around a buoy, you will then paddle upstream for 2km, keeping the swim buoys to your right.

Just past the ‘Red House’/El Alia you will see another buoy, you will paddle anti-clockwise around this and head back downstream, in the centre of the river this time keeping the swim buoys to your left. You will paddle 2 km back to the first buoy, this time going around it anti-clockwise so your face back upstream slightly as you head back to the bank.

Get out of your kayak, leave it on the side and the marshals will return it to a holding pen. You must take your paddles and buoyancy aids (canoe shoes) all back to transition, where you will get ready for the bike leg.
The Kayak marshals can offer to help athletes to get in or out of their kayaks if needed, or due to difficult conditions ie: weather or launching, or if an athlete needs help after a capsize.  All Kayak marshals will be wearing PPE.

All paddlers are required to render assistance to other competitors in distress.


25K mainly on country lanes – all signposted and marshalled!
You must abide by the rules of the road, and take directions from the marshals.  Anybody found to be riding dangerously will be disqualified.  The first and last section of the bike route are through Queen’s Park.  Ride with care to avoid residents and parked cars!

  1. From transition exit the Meadows and turn left onto Elizabeth Crescent (Note:  The track from transition up to the gate out onto Elizabeth Crescent is reasonably steep – ensure bike is in correct gear – easy one!)
  2. Turn left onto Edinburgh Way
  3. Turn right onto St George’s Crescent
  4. Turn left onto Cross Hey
  5. Turn right onto Appleyards Lane
  6. Turn left onto Beeston View
  7. Turn right onto Eccleston Avenue
  8. Turn left onto Eaton Road – listen to marshals when exiting onto Eaton Road as this can be a busy road
  9. Continue along Eaton Road to Eccleston
  10. Turn right at t-junction onto Hill Road / Rake Lane – the lane narrows to go beneath a bridge approximately 200 yards from the turning.  Although you have right of way from this direction please take care to avoid oncoming vehicles
  11. At t-junction turn left onto B5445 (Wrexham Road).  Continue along B5445 to roundabout for A55/Llay turning.  This is the turnaround point – Marshalls will be noting your number at this point.  From here you will retrace the route back to Eccleston Avenue then
  12. Turn left into Hartington Street
  13. Turn right into Appleyards Lane
  14. Turn left into Cross Hey
  15. Turn right into St George’s Crescent
  16. Turn left into Edinburgh Way
  17. Turn right into Elizabeth Crescent and back to the Meadows.

Caution:  There are speed bumps at the Eccleston end of Eaton Road and also through Eccleston village.  Be aware that there will be traffic along the B5445 – the Grosvenor Garden Centre opens at 10am and vehicles will be coming/going –  also in Pulford / Rossett be aware of parked vehicles by the shops/newsagents and church and more speed bumps just before the newsagents (adjacent to a small play park).

There is a pelican crossing in Rossett just after the Co-Op – this will be marshalled and the marshals will endeavour to cross people over without having to use the lights!  If anyone does use the lights you must obey the Highway Code and stop.  Should this happen the marshal will take a note of your number and the length of time stopped – this will be relayed back to the timing people and that time deducted from your final time.


AquaBike Divas – When you return to transition after completing the bike course – you will rack your bike, take your helmet off, then proceed to the Run Exit and make your way to the Finish line.  Walk, jog, skip…..your finish is the Finish line!!


5K on riverside paths
Leave the bike transition and start the run, following the signs. The run will be two laps.

There will be a water station on the run route just up from transition before you turn right onto the river pathway.  It will be bottled water and self-help – please take one on the way out and, if you don’t want to keep hold of the bottle, only throw it onto the area opposite the drinks station on your return.  No littering on the course – otherwise it means a DQ!



Prize vouchers are donated by Tri Girl our main race sponsors ( ).  For Deva Divas Triathlon, there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall as well as 1st in each age category (depending on numbers in age categories).  Winners will be eligible for one prize.  For Deva Divas Quadrathlon there will be prizes for overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well as 1st in age categories (depending on numbers in age categories)one prize for the winner of each category (Under 23 (16-22), Senior 23-39, Vet 40, Vet 50 and Vet 60). There will be overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the AquaBike.



We will be using chip timing again this year provided by Nifty Entries ( .  It has proven extremely successful in past years.  If you register on Saturday please ensure that you bring your chip along with you on Sunday – do NOT leave it at home, or in your hotel…or anywhere else!!  Your chip will be in your registration envelope.  This year we are unable to take off your chip for you in the Finish area.

Please do not leave the Finish area without taking your chip off and putting it into the bins provided….any chip not handed in is subject to a £10 charge!


State Coffee will be on site on Saturday during registration, and Sunday race day, serving hot and cold brews from Ozone coffee, Delicious Bakes from Kookaburra Bakehouse and Cold drinks from Steep Soda Co.  The guys will be in the marquee!

All the cakes at the Finish for you to enjoy are homemade by Sam and her team of volunteers at Hoole Comunity Cafe.  Yum!!  All cake will be prebagged and set out on tables just after the Finish.  Choices of traybakes, gluten-free and vegan options too.

First Aid

First aid is covered by RTC Medical Solutions Ltd.  They will be based on the Meadows for the duration of the race but will also have a roaming medic on the bike route.  Hopefully they will not be required!

Race Referee

Dave Rigby is the British Triathlon race referee for the day.


We are lucky to have Kathryne Hodgson as our motorcycle official.  Kathryne will be out on the cycle course during the race so please ensure you follow the Highway Code and remember that it’s a non drafting race!!


Mick Hall Photography crew will be out on the course so make sure you keep smiling – special big one for the finish!!

2023 Programme Summary

Saturday 15th July:

16.00-18.00           Registration open (You may park on the Meadows)

Sunday 16th July:

06.15             Transition and registration open

07.35             Transition and registration close

07.45             Safety Brief – Walk to race start

08.20             Wave 1 – Quadrathlon / AquaBike

08.30             Wave 2 – Triathlon – Under 49s

08.40             Wave 3 – Triathlon – 50s and Over

12.30          There will be a prize giving – approx 12.30pm – we do like to make sure everyone has finished first!

1pm           End for 2023!!

Don’t forget that no vehicles will be allowed to leave the Meadows until the last Diva has finished!  Also – cycles cannot be taken from transition area until the last runner has left the area!  You will need to show your race number to collect your bike.


Thank you all for entering!!  Enjoy!

Sally Napthen and the wonderful team of volunteers!
Chester Triathlon Club