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Deva Divas Charity

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. One in eight women will face it in their lifetime. Nearly 700,000 people living in the UK have experienced a diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Now is the UK’s largest breast cancer charity – they’re dedicated to funding research into this devastating disease. They bring together all those affected by the disease to improve the way they prevent, detect, treat and stop the disease.

Right now breast cancer is at a tipping point: more women are surviving, however more women are being diagnosed than ever before. Every 45 minutes, another woman dies from the disease. With your help, we change that.

Currently, breast cancer takes the lives of nearly 12,000 women in the UK every year. Today alone, more than 30 women will die from the disease. Loved and needed women whose families rely on them, whose friends adore them and whose communities are brighter because of them.

Research holds the key to a world where everyone who develops breast cancer lives. Breast Cancer Now believes that with your help, by 2050, we will live in that world – but only if we all act now to keep up the pace of discovery.

Breast cancer destroys families and leaves many powerless in its wake.  But there is something we can do. By helping to fund pioneering research, we’ve got an incredible opportunity to be part of the generation who stops breast cancer and saves lives. It’s time to come together to fund research and finally stop breast cancer in its tracks. We’re the people that can make it happen!

If you would like more information about Breast Cancer Now, please visit us at or call us on 0333 20 70 300.