Dee Mile – Race Information

Race Information for the Dee Mile Swim Saturday 5th August 2017

Please read all information as the event is slightly different from previous years
We’ve made some changes to the event which we think makes for a better experience. Therefore, whether you’re an old hat at this event, or it is your first time, you will need to read all of the below as it will make it easier for you on the evening!


Car parking and registration is on the meadows, Chester. You should access the meadows through Handbridge via Victoria Crescent and Lower Park Road, the post code to use for Sat Nav is CH4 7BB. We have parking spaces here for approx. 300 cars. You will be directed where to park, please do so where you are directed as it is on protected land and we want to be able to come and use this space in the future. If you are unlucky enough not to get a space, please park respectfully of the local residents on the nearby roads. If you can, please think about car sharing or if you live locally enough – walk or cycle!

The meadows will be open for people to park from 13:45.


Registration will be open from 14:00 until 16:15pm. Please allow plenty of time to arrive and register before registration closes. You will not be allowed to register if you turn up later than 16:15pm, no exceptions. Please respect this as it has knock on consequences for the timing and running of the event if registration runs late.

Registration will be in the Chester Triathlon marquee on the meadows. There will be a list with your name, category and race number on. Please go and look at this board as registration will be configured so you register within a number range. You will therefore go to your specific registration number area.  At this desk, you will be asked to confirm your name, category and other pertinent details. You will at this point, have an opportunity to change category for which you will be asked to fill a form in. Please fill this out clearly otherwise your results may be wrong.

You will collect from registration the following:

  • Chip for chip timing, this must be worn on your wrist outside your wetsuit otherwise you will not get an accurate time.
  • Swim Hat with your race number on (this is the hat you will race in)
  • Two polythene bags to put kit in for bag drop 1 and 2 if you wish
  • Goody bag with race memento

You will also have your race number marked on your hand.

Bag Drop

Once you’ve registered, you will need to put everything you want taking to the finish in one polythene bag you’ve been given.  We will provide labels for you to mark your bag with your race number. This will need taking to bag drop 1, which will be next to registration. This will be taken to the finish for you, so will need to include, something to get you dry, warm clothes and footwear. You need to do this before 16:20, so please do this as soon as you’ve registered. These bags will be taken to the finish for you and can be collected as soon as you finish.

Bag drop 2 will be close to the start of your race. This bag drop will take everything you take to the start of your race, back to the registration area. These bags therefore, will be back at the marquee ready for when you’ve finished the race and then walked back to the registration area. NB – These bags will not go to the finish.

Please keep items you want transporting to a minimum as possible. If you’ve got friends / relatives with you, you can encourage them to carry your bags for you. Please note that although we will handle all your items with utmost care and respect, we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your items.

Safety Briefing

There will then be a safety briefing held at 16:25 by the marquee which you will need to listen to as it will provide you with information about the actual swim. This is for your safety and you must attend.


You will then be walked up to the start of the events which will go in different directions, so please walk up with the relevant group. This will occur as soon as the safety briefing is finished, so please be ready to go. It is approx 10 minute walk to the start of the Dee Mile Half distance event and approx 25 minute walk to the start of the Dee Mile Full distance event. Please note that on the walk up to and back from either event, you are in countryside, so please walk with care.

All swimmers must be marked off by marshals near to the start of each event.  Please try to go past in single file and say your number loudly to the marshal to ensure you are ticked off.  You will then be counted into the river, so please only get in where you’re directed to, as this is the only safe way that we can account for people getting in the river and then out at the finish. We ask you to get in carefully, however please get in quickly and with consideration for others. There will be swimmers doing the event without wetsuit, or nervous competitors, so please bear this in mind so we haven’t got people waiting about in the river getting cold.

We are waiting on a boat sailing up the river and turning round at the start of the Dee Mile Full (2k) before we can get in, but you will be updated at all times. As soon as this boat has turned, we will then start the process of getting people in to start the events. The Dee Mile Full (2k) event will be in 2 waves, wave 1 will be wearing white hats and wave 2 will be wearing red hats, so please ensure that you go in the river with your correct wave.

Please note that you can change the category you’re entered in yourself up to the closing date. We can accept changes on the day, but please try and do this before the entry system closes to ensure a smooth process on the day.


The event will finish under the suspension bridge, on the opposite side of the river to where you start. This means that you will swim downstream on the left side of the river keeping the buoys to your right. When the buoys end, approximately 200m before the finish, you can cross over the river to the opposite side and finish at the Groves underneath the suspension bridge.

Each swimmer will receive a cup of hot chocolate at the finish.

I hope that you have an enjoyable race and I have my fingers crossed for good weather!

If there is anything you need to know before the race, please get in touch. Likewise, if you know of anyone who is willing to help on the day please let me know, or sign up to volunteer.

Ciara Murphy

Race Director

If you are looking for some open water swimming experience before the event get in touch with our event sponsor Gone Swimming who organise swimming holidays and days out in North Wales.

We are delighted that Selkie Swim Company and Swim Secure will be at the Dee Mile again this year with stores where you can purchase swimming accessories and merchandise.  They have an extensive range of open water specific swimming gear and will be available during registration and after the event.