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Dee Mile route

Dee Mile route

The 1km swimmers and the Dee Mile (2km) swimmers will walk up river to the start of the events, so please walk up with the relevant group. It is approx 10 minute walk to the start of the 1k event and approx 25 minute walk to the start of the classic race.

You will be counted into the river, so please only get in where you’re directed to, so that we can account for people getting in the river and then out at the finish. We ask you to get in carefully, however please get in quickly and with consideration for others. There will be swimmers doing the event without wetsuit, or nervous competitors, so please bear this in mind so we haven’t got people waiting about in the river getting cold.

The event will finish under the suspension bridge, on the opposite side of the river to where you start. This means that you will swim downstream on the left side of the river keeping the buoys to your right. When the buoys end, approximately 200m before the finish, you can cross over the river to the opposite side and finish at the Groves underneath the suspension bridge.