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Junior Aquathlon Rules


  1. Listen to the race officials and always do as they say.
  2. Only race officials are allowed to help you during the race.
  3. You must be wearing the minimum of a swimsuit and T shirt/vest during the bike and run sections. Race suits and number belts will be permitted
  4. If there is anything you do not understand, please ask.


  1. Swim in the direction you are told and try not to get in anyone else’s way. Keep to the sides of each lane, do not swim down the middle. The first length will be a sprint to gain position, drop back if you are being overtaken or are tapped on the foot. When you push off to turn, make sure another swimmer is not coming down the wrong side of the lane.
  2. Tumble turns will be allowed but remember there are others in your lane so take care.
  3. You must put your trainers and on before leaving the pool area.


  1. Make sure your number can be clearly seen.
  2. Wear suitable footwear – NO BARE FEET PERMITTED

Please make sure that both you and any adults accompanying you to the race have read these rules.