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Junior Aquathlon Distance & Course


Tristart 8 yrs 50m / 2 Lengths 400m / 1 lap
Super Sprint 9 – 16rs 100m / 4 Lengths 800m / 2 lap
Sprint 9 – 16rs 150m / 6 Lengths 1200m / 3 laps
Tri 1 9 – 10yrs 150m / 6 Lengths 1200m / 3 laps
Tri 2 11 – 12yrs 250m / 10 Lengths 1600m / 4 laps
Tri 3 13 – 14yrs 400m / 16 Lengths 2800m / 7 laps
Youths 15 – 16rs 500m / 20 Lengths 3600m / 9 laps

You can enter one event, 8 year olds can only compete in the Tristart event, 9-10 years olds compete at Super Sprint Distance while 11 – 16 year olds can choose either Super Sprint, Sprint or their age specific distance.

Please note age is your age on 31st December 2019.


The swimming pool is a 5 lane 25m pool.

Competitors will set off at different times in age categories except the novices (Supersprint and Sprint) who will set off together irrespective of age.

If you get into difficulty during the swim you can gain assistance by grabbing the wall or the lane rope.

A maximum of two swimmers will be in each lane at any one time except for novices and Tristart. Competitors will be started together and after the first length will swim in a chain. This allows competitors to race head to head and makes timing easier. You will be told which direction to swim in by the swim marshal. Please wear a swim cap so you can easily be identified by a marshal – if you do not have one, or the colour clashes with someone in your lane, you will be lent a cap. If this is the case, please return the cap to the marshal when you exit the water.

The swim marshals will be counting your lengths but competitors are responsible for completing the correct number so please make sure you know how many lengths you have to swim.

When you have completed your swim, climb out of the pool and put on your running kit at the side of the pool. Leave through the doors at the top of the pool and follow the directions for the run course. Please shout out your number as you leave the pool area.

Swimming Rules

  1. Swim in the direction you are told and try not to get in anyone else’s way. Keep to the sides of each lane, do not swim down the middle. The first length will be a sprint to gain position, drop back if you are being overtaken or are tapped on the foot. When you push off to turn, make sure another swimmer is not coming down the wrong side of the lane.
  2. You must put your trainers and on before leaving the pool area.
  3. Tumble turns will be allowed but remember there are others in your lane so take care.

Run Course

The run will take place on the playing fields and will follow an anti-clockwise direction all on grass.

Collect a wrist band from the ‘band station’ each time you pass. 1 band = 1 lap completed. Once you’ve collected all your bands, complete your final circuit but divert to the finish line.

Running Rules

  1. Make sure your number can be clearly seen.
  2. Wear suitable footwear – NO BARE FEET PERMITTED


If you have to drop out of your race for any reason, please tell a race official immediately.