COVID re-START information

Relevant for all coaches, participants, volunteers and spectators

Covid alert / tier status

In England, we are currently in stage 2 of the government’s COVID roadmap for lifting of restrictions. This allows outdoor organised club training.

Stage 3 of the roadmap starts on Monday 17th May, when we will be able to return to club indoor swimming sessions.
Further information from the UK Government on permitted activities is here.

All club training sessions are run within current BTF COVID guidelines, please ensure you follow the general COVID control measures in the guidance and the information below.

Before you book / attend any session

Do not leave home to participate in any club or group activity if:

  • you, or someone you live with, has any symptoms of Covid-19, the main symptoms being: high temperature / new, continuous cough / loss of or change of taste or smell;
  • you have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace in the past 14 days; or
  • you’re required to quarantine due to travel.

NHS and Public Health England guidance on self-isolation can be found at

It is your responsibility to be sufficiently fit and healthy to participate in any swim, bike, run activity. You should think about any pre-existing medical conditions that you may have and, if in any doubt, you should not participate.

You will need to book and pay for your session in advance via Numbers are limited by BTF requirements. If you later find you cannot attend, please try to cancel your place so that someone else can attend.

You will be asked to confirm your health assessment questions again on arrival at coached club sessions and are expected to self-certify at uncoached sessions.

Your name, contact phone number, and the dates and times of the sessions you have attended will be retained by CTC for up to 21 days and shared with the NHS Test and Trace programme if they request it.

At ALL sessions

  • Please follow instruction from coaches/session lead and any signs / instructions at the venue
  • Observe social distancing while travelling to and from activities and during the session
  • Arrive at venues changed and ready to train
  • Bring a face mask – you may need to wear it at an indoor venue
  • Wash/sanitise your hands regularly
  • Avoid travelling to sessions by public transport where possible and do not share a car with anyone outside your household.  Can we encourage you to  travel to sessions by walking/running/cycling? As well as the Covid guidance, it’s more environmentally friendly!
  • Bring your own drinks/food/equipment and do not share anything
  • Be prepared to go home in your training kit – you may not be able to change at the venue

After a session

If you become ill with COVID and need to give club contact info to NHS test and trace please use

Swim specific details

In addition to the overall COVID re-START information above, the following applies to pool swimming.

Before you book / attend any swim session

Sorry, only the swimmer is allowed into the venue, no parents/children can come in with the swimmer unless there is a specific medical reason and it is agreed with the pool manager and Chester Tri in advance.

Bring as little as possible in one (preferably small) bag – avoid bringing a bulky bag, extra equipment, etc. Goggles, hats (leave spares in your bag), inhaler or any such medication if needed, clearly named water bottle (already filled) and a towel. Any kit you need should be clearly named, not shared and taken home with you afterwards.

Arrive with swimwear on, underneath outer clothing – preferably a onesie, robe or something easy to get off and on again over damp swimwear. At Christleton you need to change on the poolside. At City Baths, you will have a cubicle for a quick change after swimming.

Only attend your booked session. The number of swimmers in each session and lane are limited by BTF / Swim England requirements so it will not be possible to swap booked sessions.

On arrival at any swim session

At Christleton, the entrance is via the lower door at the front of the building, Entrance A.

At City Baths, the entrance is the normal way in on Union St.

If you arrive early, you’ll have to wait outside (in a socially distanced queue), so we suggest waiting in the car if you can. The doors will be open for about 5 minutes only. If you arrive late, you can try knocking on the door/window or calling the coach who is running the session and see if they can let you in, or go home and make a note to self to arrive early/on time next time.

You will need to bring your own mask and wear it inside the building when walking to the pool and when leaving the pool to exit the building. This is mandatory for all sites.

Use the sanitiser in the entrance area.

At Christleton, go straight to poolside through the little office at the shallow end. At City Baths, enter the normal way onto poolside.

At Christleton walk to a chair, spaced around the pool. Chairs and baskets will be sanitised between each session by pool staff. When you get to your chair, put your bag on it, take off your mask and outer clothing, get ready to swim and observe social distancing as you get into the pool. At City Baths, walk anticlockwise round the pool to an unused individual changing cubicle. There are 18 individual cubicles – if all 18 cubicles are used, the last 1 or 2 people (max 20 swimmers in each session) should continue anti-clockwise round the pool and use the male / female group changing room. Only use the group changing room if all the cubicles have been taken.

City Baths poolside:

You are not allowed to help another swimmer put their hat on. If there is a coach they will tell you which lane to go to. If the session is uncoached, find a lane with others of a similar speed, max 5 people in each lane.

At ALL swim sessions

  • All lanes will swim CLOCKWISE. Be aware of of the increased risk of clashing hands with a swimmer in the neighbouring lane – another good reason to concentrate on good technique and high elbows instead of windmilling. Remove heavy watches/jewellery if you are a windmiller.
  • You should avoid overtaking, but if it is necessary, please breathe to the other side while passing.
  • Toilets – if you need to go during the session, please follow any signage/instructions.
  • At the end of the session the coach will tell you when to get out. At uncoached sessions, please exit the pool lane by lane, maintaining distance from others.

After a swim session

Showers / changing – you should be able to rinse off chlorine, but will not be able to use products eg to wash hair or body. At Christleton the changing rooms are out of use and you need to change on poolside before and after swimming. At City Baths, we have the luxury of cubicles to get dressed in, but it needs to be a quick change so the pool staff can clean all cubicles before the next group come in. Put on your mask to walk to the exit door, sanitise your hands before leaving. At City Baths, always walk anti-clockwise round the pool.

At Christleton, the exit door is at the front of the building as normal.

At City Baths the exit door is at the deep end of the pool, out the back of the building onto Forest Street. Each person please close the fire door behind you.

If you come to City Baths by bike and leave it in the bike store near the entrance, at the end of the session let pool staff know you need to collect a bike, exit the building via Forest Road and come back in the front of the building at Union Street, collect your bike, then exit via the bar, back onto Union Street. Take care opening the gate as it opens outwards onto the pavement.