Winter League Championships

How it works

The format used in previous years was revised for 2016/17.

The Winter League Championships are based on a club members best ‘age-adjusted’ results in any three, of four, disciplines – swim, run, bike time trial and duathlon. There are several qualifying events in each discipline listed below. They consist of a mixture of Chester Triathlon Club organised events and open events. All that are organised by the club are free to enter. The Borders League runs are free but require English Athletics membership. The half-marathons and any other open events have an entry fee.

After each event the finishing times are ‘age-adjusted’ using a formula. This is similar to the WAVA system used by parkrun.

The formula to calculate your time is (Actual Time x Sqrt ( (98 – age) x (98 + age) ) )/ 95.

Age is at end of the year in which the League starts i.e. 2016/17 is age at 31/12/2016.

The first placed club member (based on age-adjusted times) is then awarded 100 points, second place 99 points and so on. These feed into a summary table.

Male Summary Table
Female Summary Table

To encourage participation throughout the winter season 2 bonus points (maximum 14) are awarded for competing in an event. Those who compete frequently will gain a significant advantage over those who do the minimum of three events.

In addition to the overall male and female Winter Club Champions, there will be the three Age Category winners – Seniors, Vets (40-49) and Super Vets (50+). These will presented at the End of Season Party.

In the event of a tie, the winner will be given to the person who has the most 100 scores, if these are equal, then it counts back to the number of 99 scores etc.  In the event a winner cannot be determined a tie will be declared.

Download the league as an excel spreadsheet here.

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Winter League 2016/17 : Leaderboard

Event List

Sun 20/11/16 Duathlon 1 Results
Sun 27/11/16 CSS Swim Time Trial 1 Results
Sun 04/12/16 Birkenhead Park Borders League Results
Sun 11/12/16 Bike Time Trial 1 Results
Sun 15/01/17 4 villages Half Marathon Results
Sun 22/01/17 Deeside Borders League Results
Sun 05/02/17 CSS Swim Time Trial 2 Results
Sun 19/02/17 Village Bakery Half Marathon Results
Sun 05/03/17 Manley Mere Borders League Results
Sun 05/03/17 CSS Swim Time Trial 3 Results
Sat 18/03/17 Bike Time Trial 2 Results
Sat 01/04/17  Duathlon 2 Results
Sun 02/04/17 CSS Swim Time Trial 4 Results
Thur 13/04/17 Bike Time Trial 3 Results
TBC  Duathlon 3 Results