Andrew Howarth on Time Trailling

Time trialling has definitely benefited my training… it pushes you more than you would push yourself on your own.

Andy Howarth has gone from strength to strength this triathlon season and is a regular on the time trialling scene.

His reasons for having a go and some top tips are described below!

Why did you originally decide to try time trialling?

I would give time trialling a go when I was trying to add some intensity and speed to my training or just for fun! It’s a good way to test yourself and see where you are with your fitness.

Do you think this has benefited your triathlon racing?

Time trialling has definitely benefited my training. It’s similar to running in a running race, it helps keep you strong and pushes you more than you would push yourself on your own in training.

How do you prepare for a time trial in terms of…


You can just use normal cycling kit. The most important thing is to be visible. A rear light and hi viz clothing is always good. If you were looking at it at a more advanced level, you could invest in more aero dynamic kit such as an aero helmet, skin suits. You can also buy TT bikes with deep rimed wheels or a disc wheel.

Hydration / nutrition

It’s important to make sure eat well before you do a time trial, and make sure that you are hydrated. You don’t need to worry about fuelling whilst racing, unless you’re going to be competing for over an hour.

What strategy would you use to prepare yourself for the time trial?

I would warm up for at least half an hour or more if you can, it takes a bit longer to get warmed up on a bike! Also, know the route or if you can warm up on it beforehand, it is always useful. This can help with your speed, but most importantly you can find the grids and pot holes which will make things safer.

One final tip for anyone who is new to triathlon and was thinking about trying one.

Just go for it! Get signed up. If you want to improve your speed the best advantage is gained from getting tucked up in to an aero position on your bike with the use of aero bars.